EPISODE 35: Playmobil Pro with Victoria Dobbie

A couple of months ago, we noticed an interesting video on Linkedin. In this video Playmobil announced their new toolkit for professionals. We spoke with Victoria Dobbie, trainee at Playmobil who is one of the Project Managers and has been working on the sub-brand since its conception.. She introduced us to the tool and the process of designing and bringing it into the market. 

The Playmobil Pro kit will be on sale from the first week of August. Keep your eyes open! 

Most surprising insight 

After the announcement video was launched, a lot of organisations signed up to test the prototypes. They selected different types of organisations and let them test their prototypes. By capturing feedback from them they found out these interesting insights: 

  • The puppets had different colors before. After the user tests they decided to make them white and add markers to personalise them.

  • They added flags

  • And they added new technology figures: like robots, drones, etc.

  • Not introducing fixed exercises, only introducing some icebreakers and leaving the tool open for own ways of implementing it.


What we learned

Playmobil was already using their toys in different field. The little puppets where already used in therapy session with children through the therapy-box. At Playmobil they were looking into targetting new users, this is how the pro box came into play. By publishing a video first and learning from the reactions of potential users, they already did their first succesful user test. With in this case very positive feedback! 

Great to see how a video as a prototype works to get first feedback! 


A behind the scene story 

We asked Victoria if people sometimes don’t take the tool serious in a professional context. She told us she often sees the opposite effect. People get very excited because it brings up good memories from their past. She mentioned you always have Playmobil or Lego kids in the room. 

Stina said she definitely was a Playmobil kid, building up whole cities with her sister for days. She thought her service design skills already started here. 

Are you a Lego or a Playmobil kid?  


Interesting links: 

Official website: https://pro.playmobil.com/

Follow them at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/playmobilpro

You can order your own PlaymobilPro kit for 499 euro (ex VAT). Especially for our listeners Playmobil is offering a discount of 20% for the first person sending a mail! Send an email to pro@playmobil.com to receive this kit.