EPISODE 27: Marc Stickdorn - Tools and ways on how to implement Service Design in large organisations

Marc Stickdorn is a well-known person in the Service Design world. That’s understandable for many reasons! 

He is one of the writers on the ‘Service Design Thinking’ and the ‘Service Design doing’ book. Since this week also the ‘Service Design Methods’ book. Besides that he is co-founder and CEO of ‘More than Metrics’, a company that offers tools and stuff for customer experience and service designers: Smaply, Experiencefellow and Mr. Thinker. Marc speaks about Service Design at many conferences around the world. 

Great to have him at the podcast!

Most surprising insight 

One of the tools we spoke about is the customer journey map, which is a crucial tool in the Service Design process. At most organisations the production of a journey map starts with a co-creation workshop together with all important stakeholders. The second step is translating all the data digitally to share within the organisation. Here you see two different ways of doing this by designers or non-designers. 


Designers will make beautiful maps with Adobe Illustrator or photoshop. Non-Designers will put all the content in excel or powerpoint. This off course is not an ideal situation, it would be better to work with a shared tool and collaborate together. 

Therefor Marc and his colleagues developed Smaply. Software were you can co-create journeys with different people and update them over time. This program actually offers another way of sneaking more customer centric thinking in organisations. Though introducing this software you gradually change the way of working of an organisation. 


We are looking forward to working more with it!


What we learned

We asked Marc to share a tip on what you as a service designer can do to have a bigger impact in organisations. He talked about the importance of learning new languages. Learn what language the business speaks and how you as a designer can help them in solving their problems. Try to empathise with them and help them in achieving their goals while implementing customer centred thinking. Bur also learn the language of management, IT and all other departments of the organisations to exponentially grow the impact! 


A behind the scene story


Marc tweeted this nice picture after our conversation and we sent one back. 😄


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