EPISODE 26: ARENA Live Education

New technologies, a continuously changing lifestyle and new jobs and disciplines present serious challenges in the field of education. Old education methods and skills are challenged in a society where personalisation, collaboration, information and e-learning are taking over. Professionals have to re-educate themselves and schools need new tools and solutions to be able to innovate and make these changes manageable. How can Service Design help education deal with these challenges and inspire people to solve problems in a creative way?


Mark Willems & David Morgan

At knight moves we organised an evening to find an answer to this question. We invited 3 speakers with experience in this field. Mark Willems who works on innovation and ICT projects within one of the Belgian governmental education institutes: ‘Gemeenschapsonderwijs’. Together with our own Service Design expert David Morgan they talked about an inspiring project they collaborated on. A project where Service Design was used to develop a new tool for teachers and students.   



Rebecca Grodner

Another speaker if evening was Rebecca Grodner who has applied design thinking in her classroom in New York for years. She closely works together with the Institute of Play with a mission to help teachers all over the world to implement design skills like creativity, empathy, problem solving and collaboration in their classroom.




Service Design ❤️ Education

Putting the skills for future jobs next to Service Design characteristics shows a great overlap! Therefore we believe implementing these characteristics in our educational programs could have a great impact on students and teachers and our society as a whole! 

Listen to the episode to learn how this can be done! 


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