Episode 23: Student winner for business innovation in the private sector: Smart Black Taxi Service

In this episode we speak to Hyunyim Park who won together with her team the student award for business innovation in the private sector. Together with Jaehyun Park and Culainn Boland Shanaha they designed the Smart Black Taxi Service Flo to tackle the London’s air quality. Their service offers real-time time data about slow traffic, road works, busy spots where people look for taxi’s, etc. By offering this data the taxi drivers will be able to make better choices and reduce their driving time without passengers.  



Most surprising insight 

The team started from the problem of air pollution in London and ended with a very specific data application for taxi drivers. This because they concretised the problem to a very specific problem that was contributing to to the air pollution. They discovered that a lot of the black taxi drivers drive most of the time without passengers looking for people to take along, their job is based on luck. This of course produces a lot of not needed pollution. On the other hand the drivers have difficulties in surviving amongst all the Uber drivers. Therefore they decided to design a service that helped these drivers in making the right decisions. 

Nice to see how such a big problem can be made so specific. 


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What we learned

We asked is Hyunyim if she had a tip for other service design students. She said often students feel like you need a lot of experience to practice service design. But actually everybody, no matter how much experience, can add value in a project. Often the junior service designers are the ones who are really good in adding the users perspective, which is really valuable! 

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A behind the scene story 

One of our colleagues took a picture of us recording the interview behind our new standing desks. 

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