EPISODE 21: Awards winners - Ella Walding

Ella Walding won the Service Design student award for her graduation project at the Royal Collage of Art in London. Together with the government of Malta she developed a set of Service Design tools aimed to create change in an organisation. These tools can be found at servizz.gov.mt

After her studies Ella started working as a service designer at Innovation Unit. 





Most surprising insight 

What we thought was very remarkable was that a student like a Ella was already involved it these big organisation changes. She co-created a strategy for the government of Malta. She was dealing with cultural change in a complex big organisation and she managed to have the organisation measure customer experience data all over the organisation. 

This show us that Service Design education is reaching a very high level. Skills that we normally only learn after years of experience were already practiced here. That’s great to see! 

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What we learned

One part of Ella’s project was designing a performance measure. The succes parameters were co-created with all levels of the organisation. This meant everyone adopted them and saw them as a goal to achieve with everyone together. We learned that co-creating the data that will be measured to improve customer experience is a great way of defining a shared goal to work towards as an organisation.  

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A behind the scene story 

We saw Ella’s award winners presentation at the Global Service Design conference in Madrid and noticed with what a confidence she was standing on the stage in front of about 1000 people! When she told us she had a bachelor in Drama we knew were this stage presence came from :)