EPISODE 18: ARENA live blockchain edition

We chose blockchain as the topic for our latest ARENA event and we recorded the round table conversation with the speakers. During this event we wanted to focus less on the technical view on blockchain and instead focus more on the potential of this technology for services, businesses and people.

To do so, we invited three blockchain champions to enter the Arena:

Gerrie Smits, digital strategy consultant

Gerrie Smits, digital strategy consultant

Koen Vingerhoets, from KBC

Koen Vingerhoets, from KBC

Thomas Marckx, from TheLedger

Thomas Marckx, from TheLedger

Having three different profiles on the stage brought contrasted perspectives to the evening and also attracted a very varied audience. Our champions shared their own experience with blockchain and presented several practical cases. As service designers, we wanted our audience to experience some of the possibilities that blockchain presents (there is so much more beyond cryptocurrencies) and what these possibilities could actually mean for our futures.

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To finish up the evening, we took over the stage to record a live episode for the Service Design Podcast and engaged with our speakers and the audience in an interactive Round Table Session. It was a very inspiring evening!



Why are we interested in Blockchain

BC is a game changing technology that brings some unique benefits. For us there are some properties that make Blockchain highly interesting for Service Design.

Blockchain is a distributed technology, a blockchain runs on multiple nodes that should be on different physical locations. When one node is compromised, nothing in the blockchain is lost.

The assets in a blockchain cannot be duplicated or changed without recording the action to do that change. With a blockchain it’s not possible for two people to have two different instances of the same data.

On top of these aspects the security to access one asset in a blockchain is huge and each asset has its own security.

A blockchain can be designed to be entirely transparent, recording and sharing every single transaction that happen in the blockchain.

These benefits are qualities that traditionally are taken care of by human-beings in transactional processes. When we think of transferring credit, property or certificates, it is people who ensure that this happens in a reliable, transparent and fair way.

With blockchain we have a technology that can potentially take over some of these human processes and this will affect the experience of these processes and have consequences for the people involved. It is therefore only natural that we are highly interested in exploring what blockchain can mean for our work.



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We also shared a Blockchain Toolkit that we developed. As we have many clients that ask us about blockchain and what it can mean to them, we created a workshop toolkit that helps figure out which parts and processes of a business can be impacted by blockchain technology.

Check out the toolkit, it’s free to download. Let us know what you think


Arena's presentations:

Thomas Marckx

Gerrie Smits

Koen Vingerhoets