EPISODE 13: My social sabbatical with Frederik Vincx

Frederik Vincx is a Belgian social service designer. He graduated ten years ago and worked for six years in communication agencies as a designer. In the following four years he founded his own company Prezly, in which he put his heart and soul. After these ten years of hard work he wanted to shift his energy towards more meaningful challenges. Even though he really loved his job he felt that he should do something else that matters even more. 

So he took the brave decision to go on a one year Social sabbatical. The word sabbatical might make you think he is taking a rest but that’s definitely not the case! Fredrik is taking on twelve internships in one year in organisations he would like to do something meaningful for. 



Most surprising insight 

After a couple of months of internships Frederik told us what he experienced differently from his previous projects. The advantage of doing something on a voluntary basis is that you can start really small en try out things very quickly without having the heavy weight of expectations. Also you can start with a very small team and move fast towards something meaningful. Once you have something that sparks peoples enthusiasm you can start involving more people to make it grow. 

This is definitely something we will remember for our projects as well. 




What we learned


Frederik explained us that he wants to do things that really matter and that he likes doing as well. This sounds very logical and I think it is something we al want, but how can you find this? Frederik introduces us to the Japanese concept of ikigai, it means “a reason for being” It’s why people get up in the morning. You have it when you do work you’re good at, work that you love and that you also get paid for and at the same time work the world needs. 



A behind the scene story 

At the end of the episode we asked Frederik if he wanted to share a last thing with you guys. He choose to take a picture of us sitting in our selfmade audio studio :) So we took out our selfie stick and made this beautiful shot! 

As most of our guests are from the other side of the world we are normally only with the 2 of us in our little homemade studio. But Frederik came to our office because he’s Belgian too. Therefore for the occasion we were cramped into the small studio with the three of us! 

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