Episode 11: Designing the Future of Virtual & Augmented Reality

Our second live podcast already went a lot smoother then the first one! This time we talked about Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality together with two experts in the field. Stijn Michiels, innovation catalyst at the Cronos Group and expert in the HoloLens from Microsoft. And Demis Holvoet, UX and VR expert and lecturer at Devine. 

All of this happened at Arena.live, an event organised by Knight Moves where we bring hot topics into the arena and invite two experts to share their expertise. Besides that, there is a marketplace were different partners present their impressive work to the audience, be sure not to miss out the next edition on ‘Blockchain’.

Also, we have a live video recording of this episode!


Most surprising insight 

We talked about the designproces of a VR experience and came to the conclusion that it is very similar to designing any other experience or product. You move from researching the context and gaining empathy with your target group to visually designing every detail of the experience. 

But there are some particular aspects that are becoming important as well like 3D modelling and sounds design for example. But of course there is still a lot to experiment and improving the proces.

The design proces of Virtual experiences is still quite rock and roll
— Demis Holvoet

What we learned

Nowadays VR/AR/MR are still mainly used in game industry but we learned the huge potential in the design proces. As service designers we could use it to prototype environments and experience them before they are build. Or even let users test the prototyped environments. Another interesting functionality could be gaining empathy through immersing ourselves into another world. In short endless possibilities that could improve our designproces en eventually the end result.


A behind the scene story 

This episode you can literally look behind the scenes! We placed a camera to record the all the presentations as well as our episode. Enjoy the presentations.