EPISODE 8: LIVE The future of robotics & AI: how could Service Design advance this evolution


This is our first Arena Live episode! Arena is an event organised bij Knight Moves packed with inspiration, learnings and hands-on action on some of the most relevant design topics of today and tomorrow. Three times per year, we bring hot topics into the ARENA and invite two speakers to throw their expertise in the field from different perspectives. Besides that, different partners bring spectacular projects to the Marketplace, a place where guests get the chance to see, explore and experience the secrets of the topic in question. Inspiring evenings full of marvel and action, proudly brought to you by Knight Moves

During the arena event we have a round table conversation with the two speakers in front of an  audience. We are recording this live and publish it as a special ‘live arena’ episode. The episodes will start with a small reflection of us on the topic and its relation to service design. We wil publish an Arena episode 3 times per year. 


Most surprising insight 

The two speakers had a very different approach in creating robots. Jan from Slighty Overdone designs every robot as a unique character that has its own personality, life and appearance. Deevid and Michiel on the other hand are programming the famous pepper robot for a specific client that wants to generate a solution for a certain problem. 

Oooh he can dance, so cute

Even tough those robots were designed with a different goal and approach we found it remarkable to see that both robots evoked very human reactions with the guests. 


Hey, why do you ignore me, don’t look so angry

What we learned

Looking towards the future we are curious about how our jobs as designers will evolve. Will we still be designing screens? And what could be our role in the evolution of robots? An interesting path we talked about is the design of the personalities of those robots.

At craftwork they are designing a robot that welcomes clients in an insurance company. This robot shouldn’t be clumsy but evoke trust. Whereas a robot in a classroom, can be clumsy to show children it’s ok to make mistakes while learning. As service designers we could already see ourselves research the context the robot will function in and based on our insights design the characteristics of the robot. Afterwards this can be tested with the user group trough rough prototyping. Wouldn't that be great? 


A behind the scene story 

This was our first live podcast in front of an audience of more the 100 people. We have to admit this was pretty nerve-racking! At the same time we decided to use our new recording tools for the first time… Why? We asked ourselves this question as well! 

Luckily everything went well, except for the fact that we didn’t record the first 2 minutes of the conversation, but we elegantly solved that by recording an intro a couple of days later. :)

We really enjoyed this live recording, from now on will we have a live podcast at every following arena event. The next one will be in May and will be about Virtual Reality and Augmented reality. 



Useful links

Arena http://www.arena.live

Jan De Coster http://www.sulu.be/SlightlyOverdone

Michiel & Deevid http://craftworkz.co