EPISODE 7: Service Design Award 2016 for systemic and cultural change in the private sector by Deutsche Telekom

Frederik Kraft is Senior Expert Change & Transformation at Deutsche Telekom, one the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies. Their core business is the operation and sale of networks and connections. To continue their succes Deutsche Telekom evolved from a traditional telephone company into an entirely new kind of service company.


Most surprising insight 

Frederik talked about ‘the coalition of the willing’. Instead of forcing people to change, at Deutsche telekom they looked for people who are willing to participate. People that want to tackle a certain problem and are motivated to create a solution for it. Only people who are open for the transformation and believe in it will be involved. In this way succes stories will arise. Through the succes stories more people are willing to engage in the positive change. Hereby gradually the organisation changed into the direction the employees believed in and this on its turn resulted in satisfied customers. 


What we learned

We learned about the importance of involving people on different levels of the organisation. At Deutsche Telekom they call this ‘the bipolar approach’. This means working both top-down and bottom-up. Concrete this means: inspiration at top executive level, acceleration for executive and teams, incubation at the organisation level and transition at the employee level. 

Frederik Kraft

Frederik Kraft


A behind the scene story

Frederik was the last person of the Service Design Award Winners series. We really enjoyed listening to all these inspiring stories of the forerunners in Service Design from all over the world. 

Frederik was a great closure speaker because at Deutsche Telekom they shows the complete picture of what service design is about. They implemented all aspects of service design to create impactful change throughout the whole organisation.