Bonus episode: Global Service Design Conference

With our mobile podcast studio we walked around the Global Service Design Conference and bumped into some very inspirational people! We talked to speakers, volunteers, visitors, chapter owners and many more, all coming from different parts of the world from Japan till Sweden. 

But one thing they all had in common: they were all passionate about service design!

Relive the conference here: 


Inspirational people you can hear in this EPISODE: 


Sarah Schulman
Partner at Inwithforward - Speaker and nominee

Erik Roscam Abbing
Managing director at livework - Conference host

Birgit Mager
President of Global Service design network

Katie Koch
UX designer at Spotify - Speaker

Kevin Fox
Service design intern at Nile - Volunteer

Jesse Grimes
Management board member SDN

Hatem Elnaggar
Service design director at Iwan designs - Visitor

Cathy Huang
Founder of ChinaBridge - Speaker

Thomas Schönweitz 
Managing partner at Whitespring Service Design Thinking - Visitor

Sophie Knight
Design Researcher at STBY - Visitor

Kautsar Anggakara
Design research lead at Pulse lab Jakarta - Speaker

Maya Macbeth
Glasgow School of Art graduate - Volunteer

Jamin Hegeman
Head of Design Financial Services, Capital One - Visitor

Simon David Clatworthy
Professor in Service Design - Visitor

Alexander Koste
Service Designer at Screen Interaction - Visitor

Diane Shen
Reporter Taiwan SDN Chapter - Visitor

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