Simone Carrier is head of service design at FutureGov, that focusses on service design projects for governments. Together we talked about what service design means to governments, what the differences are between governments all over the world and how service design will evolve in the future. Simone also gave some great insights & tips on how they successfully run these projects at FutureGov. 


Our experiences are so shaped by services like Deliveroo, Uber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram. We are used to receiving really good services. But if you want a new passport or do your tax declaration it brings tears to my eyes because it’s so complicated!
— Simone Carrier


Surprising insight 

Every project at FutureGov gets a team that consists of at least 1 service designer, 1 product designer and 1 organisation designer. At Knight Moves we also have service designers, UX designers and visual designers. but we never thought of a separate role as a organisation designer. Even though it would make sense because a lot of our work results is organisational changes in which we are getting more and more involved from the beginning of our projects



What we learned

FutureGov has grown a lot over the years, with this growing of personnel comes a lot of challenges. This requires changing company structures. Simone gave us an insight tip on how they deal with a growing team and at the same time make sure they are guaranteeing the quality of work. Every project at FutureGov gets a core team that works together on the project, but during the project this team will present their progress to other teams at FutureGov, they look at it from an outsider point-of-view and give their honest feedback. Even though this can be quite painful to hear it moves every project forwards and makes sure they deliver quality at any time. 

At Knight Moves we are currently also welcoming a lot of new colleagues and we’re finding ways on how to organise ourselves differently. Organising these internal pitch moments for projects is something we see can help a project a lot further, we’ll definitely try it out. 



Behind the scene story 

We weren't sure if our talk would take place until the very last minute because Simone was very pregnant at that time. She told us the conversation could be disrupted at any time. A couple of days after our recording she became a mom of a beautiful baby girl, congratulations! 



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