Jesse Grimes has been practicing service design from the very beginning of its existence. He’s a senior service designer at Dutch design and customer experience consultancy Informaat, and plays an important role in the service design community, as a management board member of the Service Design Network and as Editor-in-Chief of the journal "Touchpoint".  In this episode, Jesse explains how service design was progressively established as a discipline world-wide, and he shares his experience from a recent visit China to help gain recognition for service design there. We also discuss the importance of building a network around service design that is broader than only practitioners, and includes those that commission service design as well. 


We don’t intent to be a network that is only for service designers as a closed community. We want to build the interest and recognition of the field outside specifically service designers but among the people who buy our services.
— Jesse Grimes


Surprising insight 

Measuring the succes of service design projects is a topic we at Knight Moves have been thinking about a lot lately. How do we measure the results of our interventions? We asked Jesse on his vision, he believes most service designers are already very good in expressing the qualitative results but the hard data, the numbers are often missing. Jesse talks about teaming up service designers with economists to discover the ROI of our projects.

Let's talk to a economist soon!



What we learned

We learned more about the topic of this years conference: ‘business as unusual’. Jesse explains service design in some disciplines already became business as usual. But the responsibilities service designers are getting are going way beyond designing customer experience. They are often about changing entire organisations; the way they organise their office space, how they motivate their employees, how they can innovate on their business models and so on. This is something we are experiencing as well. We start a project by designing one of the many services an organisation offers and end up helping them restructuring their whole employee policy for example. Definitely a lot of challenges way beyond design how it used to be are coming into our direction, that's only exciting to see! There are major opportunities ahead of us!



Behind the scene story 

Add the end of our conversation he asked if we were interested in partnering up with the Service Design Network on this podcast. Of course! Since they are the biggest worldwide network organisation on service design we are delighted to join forces! So soon you will see the podcast featured on the Service Design Network website



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